CSConsult Helping your business grow - one system at a time.

  • Helping your business grow
    CSConsult can help prepare your business for sustainable growth by creating visibility implementing effective information systems.  
  • Standing our amongst the rest
    CSConsult will show you how to stand out from the rest by planning your growth and keeping an eye on your progress.
  • CSConsult QuickBooks Proadvisors
    QuickBooks is an accounting software application that will allow you to save time on your accounts, easy to use and quick to get started.
  • Manage your customers requirements
    Extend the functionality of QuickBooks by installing Method CRM. A complete CRM system that integrates with QuickBooks.
  • Receive the necessary training
    We will ensure you and your staff are confident enough to use the systems before we leave you to it.
  • CSConsult is a Method CRM certified consulant
    A complete CRM solution that integrates with your Accounts - no more repeating data.
  • See your Management Information

    Management Information

    See the business data in real time don't wait to find out it is too late to do something about it.
  • Work on projects any where any time
    Access your business data anywhere, anytime.  Method Integration allows you to see how you are from wherever you are
  • Receive support on you installation
    Our specialists will guide you through the implementation and any customisation and offer all the support you need. 




As QuickBooks Certified Pro-Advisors, CSConsult has the knowledge and experience to customise QuickBooks to the exact needs of the business.



Method CRM™

Extend the functionality of Quickbooks by installing Method CRM. Make systems work for your business the way you want it.




Our Business Support programme allows us to become familiar with your business and offer solutions tailored to your specific requirements.  

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Jim Grams, Vice President , Technology, Games, Real Networks

“Caroline Smith was a wonderfully efficient and conscientious manager of our Packaging And Test group following our acquisition of her team from Macrovision. Despite operating nine timezones from headquarters, Caroline delivered exceptional results and continuously kept everyone informed of progress...

Ed Hunsinger, Technical Lead, RealNetworks, Inc

“The top-notch Packaging & Test team under Caroline’s supervision is proof positive of her ability to manage successfully. Thanks to Caroline’s motivational attitude, positive reinforcement, and leadership skills the team has continuously reached and surpassed the expectations set. In addition...

Andy Davidson, CEO, Sentient Learning

“Caroline worked directly for me in the capacity of operations director at Sentient Learning. Caroline brought a wealth of operational experience to the team and very effectivly employed her time structuring, documenting and automating the key processes within the business....

Joe Ganis, Manager of Content Acquisition and Merchandising, Macrovision

“Caroline is an efficient and thoughtful manager. During our time together at Macrovision she supplied timely packaging services and updates which enabled our games to get on affiliate sites and portals in our marketing windows. I would work with Caroline...

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